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"Mountain Site Award"

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To vote for your favorite site of the month: CLICK HERE

Below is a sample of the Mountain Site Award. This award will be given to the cream of the web site crop, those that tower above the rest. All sites will be judged by you our visitors. The criteria that sites will be judged on is listed below.
  • 1. Original content
  • 2. Proper use of original graphics (not over done)
  • 3. Load time (if it takes a long time to load, it better be worth the wait).
  • 4. Ease of navigation
  • 5. Quality of content
  • 6. Usefulness and over all appeal
    NOTE: Be aware of how slow the Internet can be at times, and take this into consideration at the time you are viewing the sites being judged.

    Don't look for sites with just a bunch of links to other peoples work, look for those sites that show they have done some real work on their own site. You are also not looking for sites with weak or worse no real content, the sites to win this award must be sites that offer their viewers that little extra, call it original flare. Click here to cast your vote for this weeks contestants.
  • Mountain Site Award, this award will be given out to only those that really deserve to win it. This is just a sample of the award as you can see, the real award will not have sample written on it. If your site has what it takes to win this award we would truly be honored if you would let us know. To win this award means we and our visitors feel your site towers above the average, and is among the best web sites on the Internet. This is just our way of saying we appreciate all the hard work you have put into your site, and it hasn't gone unnoticed.

    To enter your site for this award please send us an e-mail to: award@westernwashington.com. Once we receive your e-mail we will place your site into our viewers opinion poll and let our viewers choose who they consider to have the best site each week our judges will also play a part in our final decision. If you don't win our award the first time please don't give up, fix what needs to be fixed and apply again.

    You may also want to apply for other awards at selfpromotion.com or award-it.com just follow the links below.

    Site of the Month Award Winners

    Below you will find the web sites we have had the opportunity to review. Our staff and management unanimously feel that each of these sites have earned their respective position on this page through an outstanding display of talent combined with knowledge. We are proud to have awarded each of the following web pages our Mountain Site Award for Web Excellence. This is not an easy award to obtain so we feel the winners below are among the best sites on the www (World Wide Web).

    NOTE: Sites are not positioned below in numerical order for rating purposes, all are considered equal. From now (07/16/02) on the sites will be dated to show what month and year they won the site of the month.

    All New Site of the Month Award Winners
    Winner will be selected monthly. The first winner will be selected starting August 10th, 2002. This will allow for proper advertising. Vote here for who you think should win above.

    Winners List:

    1. Meet-net.com (Winner 08/10/02)
    2. Alec's Ancestors (Winner 11/07/03

    The following sites are winners prior to the site of the month contest
    1. The Singles Online WebRing
    2. The X-Files Compilation
    3. Pregnancy Today Online
    4. January Magazine
    5. Crossword of the Day
    6. PTguide
    7. Piano World - All About Pianos
    8. International Education Site
    9. Freeware 98
    10. Brian's Brain
    11. Diabetes.com
    12. Weightloss2000.com
    13. Digital Producer Magazine
    14. Business Mac
    15. Important Health Resource
    16. Deeper Blue Online Magazine
    17. Mirror Online
    18. Discover Israel Inside Guide
    19. The Trail Head
    20. Ayrton Senna da Silva Online
    21. Creative Classrooms
    22. Talkway - Usenet on the Web!
    23. Studyabroad.com
    24. Gradschools.com
    25. Nokie Edwards Official USA Fan Club Page
    26. Pro-Service Connection
    27. Dancestudent.com
    28. Walking Britain
    29. HungryMonster.com
    30. A Brief Look At Tomorrow
    31. Sammy Kershaw
    32. PioneerDrama.com
    33. Maryann Sterling
    34. The Zetter Collection
    35. Steve Moore Art
    36. Behelpful.com
    37. The Comedy Zone
    38. PC911

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