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Oysterville church built in 1892
Oysterville church built in 1892
Photos and Article by Rick Harden

Oysterville, Washington

Oysterville School built in 1908                               John Crellin House built

A visit to Oysterville is like going back in time to the middle 1800's. This small coastal community was settled in 1854 by R. H. Espy and I. A. Clark. Prior to the settlement of Oysterville, Chinook Indians harvested the oysters from this part of Willapa Bay, and called the area "tsako-te-hahsh-eetl" this name had two meanings "place of the red topped grass" and "home of the yellowhamer". The Yellowhammer is the local name for the red- shafted flicker (woodpecker) common to this region. Espy, Clark and Oysterville at this time were all doing well, selling the bivalves to oyster hungry San Francisco. Where a plate of oysters sold for a Mexican "slug" worth two and a half times the twenty dollar gold piece. In 1855 Oysterville became the county seat for Pacific County and served as the county seat until Sunday Morning Feb. 5, 1893, when a band of South Bend Raiders came and carried away the records.

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