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Hunter's Pumpkin Patch October 2011 - Olympia, Washington
So many things to do, where do you start? Hunter's Pumpkin Patch will be open from 9AM to 6PM daily starting October 1 thru October 30 2011. You will enjoy riding out to the pumpkin patch in a trailer with seats pulled behind a BIG tractor. There will be so many pumpkins in the field the kids won't know where to start.
They'll find little bitty pumpkins, great big pumpkins, round pumpkins, oblong pumpkins, orange pumpkins, green pumpkins and way to many pumpkins to carry. After finding all the pumpkins you will want a ride back to the main part of the farm to purchase them. They didn't cost an arm and a leg either. I think we bought 6 or 7 pumpkins for pennies compared to the chain or local grocery stores. Plus we got to have all
that fun picking them out of the field ourselves instead of picking them up at the grocery store. OK now for the really fun part Hunter's Pumpkin Patch is much more than just a pumpkin patch. It's almost the Disneyland of pumpkin patches. On the weekends you can go on a wagon ride to and from the pumpkin patch like we did. They have the pony rides on the weekends.

They also have a big slide for the kids and adults that want to feel like a kid again to slide down. They have a kiddy train ride for the kids that goes right through a haunted section full of scary things. The little ones won't want to miss the small animal farm. There they can pet the little animals and of course there are

plenty of sinks to wash up after the petting is over. There are a number of great photo cut outs where the kids can do some posing for some photo opportunities. There is also a carousel for the kids to ride and it is powered by
Our Pumpkin
peddling, kind of like riding a bike. There are a couple of corn mazes and even a small hay maze for the tiny tikes. They even have a goat doing a high wire act. Just kidding but there is a goat walk there and he is pretty high up in the air.
I hope you get a chance to visit Hunter's I think you will truly enjoy yourself. Click the link to go to Hunters Web Site or click here for a map w/directions and a phone number.

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