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Washington State/County Fairs and Theme Parks

"Do The Puyallup"
September 6-22, 2002

Boys on ride
Article & Photos by, Steve Parsons

Well it's in full swing in Puyallup, that is "pew-all-up" for those of you not from this part of Washington State. What is in full swing you might ask, the "Western Washington Fair" or as we call it, the "Puyallup Fair" that's what. And swingin' it is, just as it has been since 1900. OK so it's not at the original location which was Enumclaw in 1899, then it moved to Puyallup in 1900, but it finally settled at the current location in 1901. So now we have that straight.

Hello down there!                                                      Big Slash!!.....

Heck they even have an Antique Carousel that has been there since 1935. It was built in 1917, and is one of only two of its kind left in the country. Hey folks, this fair is big, in fact it is the sixth largest fair in the United States. Last year it topped 1.2 million in attendance. There are animals, competitions, arts and crafts, music, dancing, food (ooh the food) and fun, fun, fun!!! It has already been going on for a week now.

There are some big stars appearing every year at the fair and this year is no different. For more information on events, concerts, and the like go to The Puyallup Fair. But whatever you do make sure you plan a day or two to "Do the Puyallup".

Washington State/County Fair and Theme Park Links


  1. Benton Franklin Fair & Rodeo (Aug. 20-24, 2002)
  2. Central Washington State Fair (Sep. 28-Oct. 7, 200?)
  3. Clark County Fair (Aug. 2-11, 2002)
  4. Evergreen State Fair (Aug. 22-Sep. 2, 2002)
  5. Grant County Fair (Aug. 13-17, 2002)
  6. King County Fair (July 17-21, 2002)
  7. Kittitas County Fair (Aug. 29-Sep. 2, 2002)
  8. Northwest Washington Fair (Aug. 12-17, 2002)
  9. Pierce County Fair (Aug. 8-11, 2002)
  10. The Puyallup Fair (Sep. 6-22, 2002)
  11. San Juan County Fair (Aug. 16-19, 200?)

Theme Parks

  1. Wild Waves/Enchanted Village
  2. Fun Forest
  3. Riverfront Park
  4. Silverwood Theme Park Idaho

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