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Continued - Come Together and Do The Puyallup - The Puyallup Fair

There are those of us that have reach that certain age and are no longer interested in being placed in a sling shot and shot into the heavens. Not to say that we don't enjoy all the other things the fair has to offer such as the exhibits, art work, livestock, flowers, concerts, rodeos and so much more. One of my wife's and my favorite exhibit is the landscape and floral displays. There is no shortage of beauty and color when it comes to the floral department. The gorgeous dahlia below is called Party Girl. There are so many beautiful plants and bonsai trees that it will keep you busy browsing for a while. Below is a beautiful Chinese Juniper (bonsai)

that is 430 years old. There really is something for everyone and every taste at the fair. Look at these magnificent cribbage boards from Great Western Enterprises located in Vaughn, WA 1.800.382.2066. They can be used as wall hangings when you are not playing. Being a Mariners fan this one was my favorite so if anyone wants to get me one I'll take that one. I had visions of this wonderful hand made boat resting auspiciously on my mantle above my fireplace. This handcrafted vessel comes from Vietnam as did most of the crafts from this particular booth. My wife and I also found it very interesting watching all of the artists in action. This young

man was truly getting into his art. There were some really exceptional pieces on display in the pottery building. For some reason I felt kind of like a bull in a china store so needless to say I didn't stay in this area long. After leaving the ceramics we found Jack Davis creating some custom copper dishes and bowls. Jack Davis is a true master


craftsman make sure you see him while you are at the fair. Purchase one of his pieces and he will sign it for you if you ask. You can't forget the great food the fair has to offer. This year the fair is offering something new, deep fried candy bars for your sweet tooth. Enjoy the fair!

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