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Be Back Later - Gone Fishing! Pierce County Lakes

Spanaway Lake is a great place to take the kids for a day of fishing and play. There is a nice play ground, swimming area, baseball diamond, and plenty of picnic areas. I know that I have enjoyed this lake since the nineteen fifties (I won't bother with any more detail than that). Oh I almost forgot Spanaway Lake also offers a great place to water ski and ride your jet ski. But please be careful not to ski or boat to close to the people that are fishing I wouldn't like to see you get a hook in you. Spanaway Lake doesn't really start producing to many trout until the weather gets a bit colder I would say about the end of October it should pick up. I've caught five nice trout this week but look to catch more later. The perch, small mouth bass, and rock fish seem to bite any time at Spanaway Lake.

Another very nice place to take the kids would be the Benbow campgrounds at Lake Tanwax. This is an exceptional place to bring kids. It allows no drinking in the park and no smoking in any of the buildings. Here are the directions to the Benbow campgrounds. Go South on 161 - Turn left on 304th St. E. - Go 2.5 miles and turn Right on 144th Ave. E. - Follow signs to Benbow Campground. I met a very nice family from
Vancouver, B.C. while I was fishing off of the dock at the Benbow campgrounds. They were on holiday and out to enjoy a relaxing day of fishing. Moshe emailed me a couple of days later after returning home and told me that they had ended up catching 10 Perch altogether. I'm hoping to be able to go to Canada sometime soon to go fishing with Moshe in one of his local lakes. I know that this next lake isn't in

Another of my all time favorite lakes to fish is Mineral Lake. This lake is a fairly good sized lake and is a great trout producer when they are biting. I'm not going to tell you what to bring as bait to catch trout here because it seems to differ from fisherman to fisherman. One person swears by power bait, the next says flies, and still the next says marshmallowsand eggs. So to be safe I always bring it all that way I can decide for myself what the fish are biting on. The next lake I would like to discuss is Silver Lake. This is a smaller lake with a beautiful view of Mt. Rainer and some very nice German Brown trout. The last time my son and I fished Silver Lake we rented a boat from the Silver Lake resort

western Washington nor is it in Pierce county but, it is one of my favorite small lakes to fish. Dog Lake in Yakima County is worth mentioning. I have always had a very nice time and some great fish from this lake. Dog Lake is right on White Pass going towards Yakima Washington. The lake does have a campground but it very primitive, meaning no water in the outhouse.
for a very resonably price. I hate to admit it but I got skunked that day but my son took home a very nice rainbow trout. We will be going back a little later this fall for some of the nicer German Browns. Well as you can see if you hold your mouth just right you will catch fish. Good luck fishing!

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