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Western Washington Weather
About Western Washington Weather
Washington's climate varies greatly from the western Pacific Coast to the eastern border. The West averages a temperature of 10.6 C (51 F) while the Northeast averages 4.4 C (40 F).
Western Washington can be described as a considerably wet marine area. Mild for its latitude (due to warm offshore currents and maritime air masses), this area experiences fog, frequent cloud cover and lasting drizzles. Summer is its sunniest season. As much as 4064 mm (160in.) of precipitation falls annually on the western side of the Olympic Peninsula - the wettest area in the conterminous United States. Puget Sound is less wet, though still humid. The western slopes of the Cascade Mountains receive up to 5080 mm+ (200 in.+) of snowfall each year.

About Eastern Washington Weather
Eastern Washington is characterized by warm summers, cooler winters and a very dry climate. As little as 152 mm (6 in.) of rain falls in the "Rain Shadow" east of the Cascades." These statistics were taken from the State of Washington climate page.
Below are several choices to view the weather in Western Washington.

Local Weather Reports

King5: First Alert Weather
Washington Cities: Local Forecasts.
University of Washington: Atmospheric Sciences

Recreational Weather Information

River/Tidal Conditions: Seattle District Corps of Engineers
Cascade Ski Report: Northwest Skiing and Boarding!

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